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Yandex Browser 16.7 – Simple, very fast and safe. Now you can Download The new browser from Yandex, which aims to become the best.9wye4by

First Yandex Browser a simple and convenient program for the Internet. There are many places for browsing and convenient simple operation.

Yandex Browser 16.7 for Windows
Author: Yandex
License: Free

Why use Yandex Browser 16.7 ?

Yandex Browser allows quick and easy viewing of PDF, DOC, EPUB, PPT, FB2, RTF directly to the browser window.

Awesome Bar where you can enter a website address, and searches. This Browser will automa
tically detect that you need. A tips will help faster and more accurate to ask a question.

Yandex Browser now uses a new technology to protect the Protect, able to protect the user’s device from all sorts of threats lurking on the network.

This Browser quickly and easily translated foreign pages of sites or individual words in your native language. He understands the 9 languages, including English, German, French and Ukrainian.

Do not be afraid to lose the old bookmarks and history! After installing their own will transfer Yandexbrowser bookmarks, browsing history, and other settings from your old browser.

Turbo mode has approximately the same mechanism works that Opera-Turbo, except that all the Browser server are located in the best traffic exchange points and Yandexbrowser always takes the data from the server closest to you. This provides a very high speed.

You can simply synchronize this Browser on different devices. For example, all bookmarks from your computer will be available on your tablet and smartphone.

Download Yandex 16.7 Browser  


Yandex-Browser Screen Print

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